Sunday, May 18, 2014

[id-android] Wti :[APK Compendium] Google Play Services 4.4.52 for All Densities, and the Rest of This Week's Updates

Update package..

Google's first party application updates have been coming a bit out of band over the past few weeks. Rather than the typical "Google Update Wednesdays" that we've become accustomed to seeing, it's now not uncommon to see these Gapps updates appear seemingly at random.

Since our last APK compendium, we've seen quite a few significant updates. This began with Google Play Newsstand 3.2.1, continued with MyGlass 3 and Play Services 4.4.51, and finally culminated with Google Play Store 4.8.19, which brought us PayPal payment support through the Google Play app.

Now, Google has started rolling out an update to the Google Play Services. This update brings Play Services up to version 4.4.52, up from the previous 4.4.51 build that we saw this past Thursday. As one would expect from such a minor point revision, this one seems to only be packing bugfixes. That said, since some users complained of wakelocks with 4.4.51, perhaps this or other notable issues have been solved.

Without further ado, here are today's Google Play Services Update for all screen densities:

Google Play Services 4.4.52 (1174655-030) - 213 DPI (Tablets)Google Play Services 4.4.52 (1174655-032) - 160 DPIGoogle Play Services 4.4.52 (1174655-034) - 240 DPIGoogle Play Services 4.4.52 (1174655-036) - 320 DPIGoogle Play Services 4.4.52 (1174655-038) - 480 DPIGoogle Play Services 4.4.52 (1174655-070)

And in reverse chronological order, here are the latest versions of all of the Google first party application updates we've seen over the last two weeks:

Google Play Store 4.8.19Google MyGlass 3.0.0Google Play Newsstand 3.2.1Google Wallet 2.0-R163-v18Google Hangouts 2.1.100 (1151589-30)Google Docs Camera 2.1.043 (1161434-30)Google Drive Now Launcher Play Music 5.5.1509O.1140258Google Search (ARM)Google Wallet 2.0-R163-v18Google Sheets Cloud Print 0.9.10YouTube 5.6.36

And of course, here is the latest Google Maps 8.0.0 for all API Levels:

Google Maps 8.0.0-800001324 – Android 4.3+ (API18)Google Maps v8.0.0-800001310 – Android 4.2+ (API 17)Google Maps v8.0.0-800001302 – Android 4.0+ (API 14)

[Many thanks to XDA Portal Supporter MihirGosai and fellow News Writer eagleeyetom for the APKs!]

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