Thursday, May 15, 2014

[id-android] WTI HTC One Mini 2

Sudah keluar nih HTC One Mini 2


HTC's latest smartphone is not exactly "mini", but condenses the best bits of the flagship One M8 into a smaller, more manageable package.

The HTC One mini 2, despite an awful name, continues the Taiwanese company's focus on premium materials and solid build quality that won it a GSMA Global Mobile award for best smartphone in 2013, and critical acclaim for the larger HTC One M8.

"We believe that one size doesn't fit all," Graham Wheeler, HTC's head of product told the Guardian. "We've seen people wanting a smaller, cheaper phone than the One M8, but when you go down a price point you shouldn't get a product that hasn't had as much time and detail put into it as the flagship."

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