Wednesday, September 29, 2010

[android-developers] Re: Free version or not?

Would you mind listing the ad vendors you have used and your
experiences or pros/cons as you see it for each?

On Sep 30, 8:22 am, dm1973 <> wrote:
> Google doesn't set eCPMs. The market does. eCPMs function on a supply/
> demand curve. The supply went way up when they let more developers
> into the program. Hence the eCPM drop. In my experience google pays
> about as well as anyone. And it isn't so much that users don't
> understand about the arrow (that is some of it). It is more that
> developers are no longer getting paid for misclicks.  The net is the
> same (you get less money) but it isn't like Google is making more off
> your lower reimbursements. They are making more by cranking up the
> volume of ads they serve. And yeah it sucks as a developer when your
> revenue is cut in 1/3 over 2 days.
> I have been very happy with various ad vendors (with the one exception
> where I am still trying to get paid for april sales) as a way to
> monetize my apps but your mileage may vary. It takes less than a day
> to integrate. Try and it out and if it doesn't work unpublish the app.
> On Sep 29, 3:00 pm, Greg Donald <> wrote:
> > On Wed, Sep 29, 2010 at 1:50 PM, Brad Gies <> wrote:
> > >  Greg,
> > > What are the changes that Google Adsense made that affect how much you make?
> > They changed the banner so only a tiny portion of it is now clickable.
> >  As a result I get much fewer clicks.  I guess users don't get the
> > fact that they have to click the tiny little arrow now.
> > They lowered the eCPM rate so I now make much, much less per click.  I
> > suppose on this one they looked at their competitors and adjusted
> > things to be more in line with them.
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> > Greg Donald
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