Tuesday, November 30, 2010

[id-android] WTShare: Apk button LED notification buat Samsung Galaxy Tab (rooted)

Kebetulan nemu free apk buat modif light led yg ada di layar bawah galaxy tab, jadi misal ada sms atau missed call, led tsb bisa kedap kedip, udah ditest di g tab saya dan berjalan mulus.
Yg berminat silakan unduh attachmentnya.
Kalo mau liat video demonya coba ke:

Berikut sedikit deskripsinya:
Blinker V0.31 -button LED alerts(SMS / CALL / MAIL)[BETA]
Blinker -Button LED Notification ("missed call" for galaxy tab)

This app uses the button backlight LED to notify the user about...
*a recevied SMS
*a missed/rejected CALL
*a unreaded MAIL For your personal needs, its possible to change blinking speed of the LED.
*root is required*

Sent from Samsung tablet

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