Thursday, December 30, 2010

[android-developers] disappearing USB functionality with Nexus S and Vista

After a couple days of Nexus S USB functionality with USB debugging
and USB drive mode, the functionality seemingly disappeared: when I
connect the Nexus S and my laptop (running Vista), there is now no USB
notification on the Nexus S and there is no Nexus S USB recognition on
my laptop.

My Nexus One USB functionality continues to work. When my Nexus One
is connected to the laptop, the laptop's "Device Manager/Android Phone/
Android Composite ADB Interface/Properties/Driver" shows driver date
12/6/2010 and driver version However, when the Nexus S is
connected to the laptop, the laptop's Device Manager does not list an
"Android Phone" and the connected Nexus S is not detected as new

On the Nexus S, I've tried a "Settings/Privacy/Factory data reset".
I've even exchanged Nexus S phones. The USB connection lasted about
five days on the first Nexus S phone and two days on the second. I
have a gyroscope sensor application I'd like to write and I'm pretty
sure that BestBuy wouldn't be too keen on the idea of switching phones
every week. Anyone have any tips or insight about the Nexus S USB

- Greg

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