Sunday, October 30, 2011

[android-developers] Re: ADT r15 reliabiility on Windows?

I have noticed that I have to "clean" my projects a lot more to get them to function. This started more with 13 and has continued to where I have to clean almost any time I want to pick up resource changes regardless of what settings I have/have not checked. It seems to like to ignore my changes to layout files and I end up with invalid or wrong resource values.

The freezing and running out of heap seems like you might have an issue somewhere else. Have you tried cleaning out Eclipse/ADT/SDK and reinstalling fresh? I know it's not the optimal thing, but might be worth a try. I've done it a time or two on my main workstation and laptop and it seems to help keep things in order.

If you do refresh your tools, just remember to do the Android Tools > Fix Project Properties on any projects you import if you start with a clean workspace.

Note: I am on Windows 7 and not Vista, so it might be something Vista specific.

Studio LFP

On Sunday, October 30, 2011 6:00:58 PM UTC-5, Zsolt Vasvari wrote:
Is it only me, but the latest version of the ADT seems very unreliable
on Windows (Vista)?

I get frequent freezes and running out of Java heap space errors where
I need to kill Eclipse and the adb -- even only after just making
changes to the Java code.  The compilation itself seems even slower,
if that's even possible.  I certainly see no improvements to the
resource building times, if anything it's worse.

I know this is a rant, but every time I change a resource, I am
sitting and wait for it to compile for, no kidding, 3-5 minutes and
then hope that it hadn't crashed.

The only change I made to my system is the laest ADT and SDK -- I
didn't touch anything else in the tool chain, such as Eclipse, ANT or
the JDK.

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