Wednesday, May 30, 2012

[android-developers] Qualcomm Labs: New SDK in private BETA for Android

Hey all -

I do Product Management & Business Development for the ContextBETA SDK
at Qualcomm Labs.

We are currently in Private Beta and looking for a handful of
developers to take a look at our SDK. We will be going commercial
later this summer.

Our ContextBETA SDK (user opt-in) will allow your app to do:

- Always-On Geofencing (Low power ~4%, far better than native Android
location change event)
- Interest Sensing (Allows your app to get the Age Gender Income of a
- Image Recognition (Think QR Code, but anything can be the target
(image, poster, billboard etc)
- Contextual Push (At a location (50m), At an audience (target by
inferred AGI), At a time)

Web-backend to visually see what the SDK can do (can do all calls
natively as well in-app)

If you want more info, you can reach me on twitter: @rolandal

Also, you can sign up at:

Thanks guys!


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