Tuesday, February 14, 2012

[android-developers] Video decoding on Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.02

I have written a simple app that uses the videoview class to display
video. It plays MP4 files without any problems.
It uses the hardware accelerator (IVA-HD) on omap4 in galaxy nexus to
decode the video.
However, I want to use software decoding instead of the hardware
accelerator. Is having your own decoder (ffmpeg etc) the only way to
do software decoding?

Under /system/lib I see the following files:

My guess is that libstagefrighthw.so is for hardware decoding while
the other two are used for software decoding.
I naively thought that removing libstagefrighthw file would make the
software decoder be used. Unfortunately, after removing that file, the
app just throws an error saying "the video cannot be played". Is there
anyway for using the in-built software decoder?

I have unlocked the phone and can load my custom kernel (in case there
is anything to be done on the kernel side, I am up for it!).

Thanks for your help.

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