Wednesday, November 30, 2011

[android-developers] Android activity lifecycle bug/problem. Android team please help.

Here's the scenario:

- Start Activity A
- Activity A starts service S
- Service S runs in foreground mode and shows up a notification which when pressed takes the user to Activity B (singleTop!!)
- Activity B shows up
- Press HOME
- Go into DDMS and kill your apps process to simulate that your app died.
- Android will say "Rescheduling crashed service in 5000ms" (sometimes longer)
- Service S restarts and notification is shown.
- User now processes the notification icon... this time, Android will recover both Activities A and B due to the fact the process ended unexpectedly. But despite the fact Activity B is singleTop android will spawn it AGAIN because the user clicked on the notification. This results into having A -> B -> B on the activity stack. Pressing back will take you again onto the first recovered instance of Activity B.

Can someone from the Android team clarify what is happening behind the scenes and how to avoid this? What is the best way to simulate that Android killed the process due to low memory? Is pressing STOP from DDMS good enough or an edge case and this should never happen under normal circumstances?

What is the difference between Force Stop from Settings --> Applications versus STOP from DDMS?

Thanks in advance!

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