Tuesday, February 28, 2012

[android-developers] how to send jsonarray to webservice?


here i created URL dynamically in my code like this......

String query = "" + ServiceUtils.KEY_methodnameForPlaceOrder + "=" + ServiceUtils.KEY_PlaceOrderMethodName + "&" + ServiceUtils.KEY_InstanceId + "=" + request.instanceID + "&" +ServiceUtils.KEY_CustomerId + "=" +request.CustomerID + "&" + ServiceUtils.KEY_TableIdForPlaceOrder + "=" +request.tableID + "&" +ServiceUtils.KEY_QuantityandItemId + "=" +xyz ;

here "xyz" which is at the last of query content jsonarray like this:[{"id":5,"Quantity":4,"comment":""}]

now whwnever i am create uri usaing URIUtils.CreateUri it will return me null then what is the problem i don't know?

uri = URIUtils.createURI(ServiceUtils.SCHEME, ServiceUtils.HOST, ServiceUtils.PORT, ServiceUtils.GetAllMenuCategoriesService_PATH_ABSTRACT, query, ServiceUtils.FRAGMENT);

can anyonehelp me? 

My url is like this::

I have to send this jsonarray to my webservice but it can't work bcz of the above problem.

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