Tuesday, February 28, 2012

[android-developers] Re: Sony Ericsson Smart Extension SDK for SmartWatch and Smart Wireless Headset pro

There are always some beginning issues with a new produce. It looks
great but I am having some difficulties getting started.
1. This would be easier for me if this discussion forum "framework"was
in English. I had to use Google translate to discover that "Svara"
means "Reply"
2. The layout of the web site is difficult to navigate. And all the
names of folders and files seem similar. Why not have a hierarchical
structure so that we can be sure we have found what we are looking
3. The anatomy of the products is important too. There are things
called "liveKey" "LiveView" "LiveWare" it's confusing when it's all
new. Which ones are relevant to me when I'm trying to get a SmartWatch
4. http://developer.sonymobile.com/wportal/devworld/downloads/download/liveviewmicrodisplaysdk?cc=gb&lc=en
This document tells about three projects. Why don't you say what they
are supposed to do? Do they work on a Smart Watch? Why would I look at
There is a very confusing similarity of names of the various
components of this already complex system. Is LiveView a part of

**Real First Question **
Can I download the LiveWare.apk? It is very convenient to work in the
Android Emulator and LiveWare is needed. My HTC phone does not allow
me access to the program data storage. I cannot access the Android
Market from the Emulator.

The product looks great,

On 10 Jan, 08:01, Johan Abramsson <Johan.Abrams...@sonyericsson.com>
> Hi Developers out there,
> Last night we at Developer World released the Smart Extension SDK
> which you can use to develop Android applications for accessories
> supporting the Smart Extras API. As of today that isSmartWatchand
> Smart Wireless Headset pro.
> To download and get more information please see:http://developer.sonyericsson.com/wp/2012/01/10/new-smart-extras-anno...
> Feel free to drop comments and questions about the Smart Extensions
> SDK in this thread. We will monitor and try to answer questions as
> soon as possible.
> Kind regards
>   /Johan, Developer World

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