Sunday, July 17, 2011

[id-android] WTI : Galaxy Tab 7" ROM {GSM} BOCA initial Release.

wti aja buat pengguna gtab 7" :-)

apa sih BOCA ?
silahkan di cek di


*Added Secret Agent "clean" version
* updated BOCA with bug fixes for sd card and ui performance

*100% TW free! & all bloatware removed!
*Ext4 with ext4 tune ups for increased read/write speeds*Deoxed and zip aligned
*Rooted & busybox installed
*Angry GPS
*Power notification widget support
*LCD set @ 190
*WIFI scan set to 100 for better battery life
*Dalvic cache set at 64m for optimal performance
*Exteneded power menu to include Recovery/Download/Reboot - also
turned off confirmation screen
*UA select enabled
*Screen off animation enabled
*Custom boot animation enabled with cool boot animation
*Themed purple & green with with massive other theme modds
*CM themes chooser & Cm parts
*Silent startup & shutdown sounds
*Updated modded Gtalk and appropriate lib mods to allow voice, 3g and
front video camera support
*Fully operational DSP manager
*Modified Netfix
*Special 3 dock launcher with scrollable docks and ADW theme support
*10 point touch
*Fully integrated Tablet Tweaks
*Optimized frame BUFFER rate to maximize LCD display color and quality
*OC/UV 600mhz, 1.2 & 1.4ghz added
*FUGUtweaks active
*Optimal RAM modifications
*Voodoo 9 intergrated into kernel
*Initial release of cwr based BOCA RECOVERY
*mounts are: Phone storage: 1 & mount/sdcard/external_sd
*BASH (command shell) and module support
*TWEAKR ADDED!!!!!! - This is NEW & super secret! Gives you complete
control over BOCA rom modifications! From kernel tweaks to soon to be
darn near anything!

*Video camera record
*Lockscreen is buggy, pick the slide bar onem it works better

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