Sunday, May 30, 2010

[android-developers] Re: glGenTextures going crazy on actual device

Thanks for your reply!

I've never seen any egl* method, probably because I'm using custom
GLSurfaceView and Renderer subclasses.
So I can't check what they return.

I call glGenTextures() inside the onSurfaceCreated() method that's
being called from the GLSurfaceView thread so yes.
Contexts seem to be alright, when I change the order of textures
loaded, the first 4 (with the positive id's) always work nicely, no
matter what size they are.

Generating texture id's on the fly return the same id's in the same
order, from the 4th on I get negative values.

On 30 Mai, 15:23, Leigh McRae <> wrote:
> Looks like you cut the original post in your reply so I am not sure what
> the exact problem is but here are some gotchas.
> - make sure your context is valid.  Milestone eglChooseConfig doesn't
> work correctly.
> - are you calling from the same thread?
> - a negative id isn't invalid since I suspect the int is really a
> unsigned int
> - check return codes for errors for all your EGL calls
> Leigh
> On 5/30/2010 8:44 AM, Borsty wrote:
> > Could anyone check what glGenTextures() generates?
> > I still can't find any solution to this problem, and putting every
> > possible texture into a big one is no option for me.
> > Something must be going on here :S
> > I'm running Android 2.1-update1 on my Motorola Milestone if that's
> > important.
> > Other games seems to work flawlessly with (at least that's what I
> > think) way more than just 4 textures :)
> --
> Leigh

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