Monday, May 31, 2010

[android-developers] Re: Same problem

Same problem as what?

I suspect you believed you were replying in a way that people would
know what "same problem" refers to. But no, this post just appears by
itself, and everyone is puzzled about what you're talking about.

Even if this were a reply to another post (which it isn't), people
would still see this message and not the reply. So you should include
some context from the prior message.

Changing the subject line to "Same Problem" is also a problem. If
you're replying, generally you should NOT change the subject line,
unless there is a major shift of subject. Basically, you removed the
last possible way for anyone to know what you're talking about.

Remember, this is a very active list, with hundreds of messages every
day. I tried to at least scan them all every day for a while, but as
the list has grown, I've found I cannot do that. The easier you make
it for the reader of your message, the more likely you are to get

On May 29, 8:13 am, Narp Developments <> wrote:
> I'm having the same problem the UI just explodes because it cannot
> find the layout.

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