Monday, May 31, 2010

[android-developers] Re: Google Feedback fo Android

Mark, that truism :)

Javadoc of PackageManager.getInstallerPackageName() says:
"Retrieve the package name of the application that installed a
package. This identifies which market the package came from."

So, how about such case: writing your own market app with error report
feature? It could be possible, right?
I think it could also be used while developing, it could point to
"ADB" or something similar.

On 31 Maj, 19:22, Mark Murphy <> wrote:
> Krzysztof Wolny wrote:
> > I answer myself:
> > It's the matter of return value from
> > PackageManager.getInstallerPackageName() method. If it's not null then
> > the button is shown.
> > So next question is: how to set up this value. Android Market setup it
> > somehow, but I can get the Android Market source (it's not open
> > sourced, isn't it?).
> > Any ideas? According to "all apps are equal" statement, it must be a
> > way to do that.
> Simple: distribute your app through the Android Market.
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