Friday, April 29, 2011

[android-developers] Re: How can I handle Exception message internationalization

Base your response on the class of the message
(e.getClass().getName(), or e instanceof SomeClass).

On Apr 26, 2:56 pm, Guilherme Matsumoto <>
> Hi Everyone,
> Here is an example of my problem:
> try {
>     // code that throws an exception} catch (Exception e) {
>     Toast.makeText(getApplicationContext(), e.getLocalizedMessage(),
> Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();
> }
> I'd like it to show a message in other language in a beautiful way
> something like just overwriting the exception's internationalization
> string entry. Some thing like:
> <string name="exception_message_id">custom message</string>
> or
> <string name="@id/[package:][ExceptionClassName:]message_id">custom
> message</string>
> Is there any way of doing this or some other thing without using
> Exception.getMessage() string comparison?
> thks.

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