Saturday, April 30, 2011

Re: [android-developers] problem after generate a .apk file

On 30 April 2011 13:47, Igor Nesralla Ribeiro <> wrote:

I make a app on eclipse , win 7 ....after this I go on menu export and run
it....i export apk file and its seems to be ok for me....i published it on
the market...and finish(
_result )....But the problem goes after this process.... when I open my
project again in eclipse to make some changes....all my manifest file was
change(my application information was disappear)...

Exporting APK does not change Manifest file.
and  I can debug on my phone too....

To debug on the phone you simply set debuggable to true and upload?
What I'm do wrong ? I have to create another project and rewrite all
manifest file ? anybody help me !?

Unless others get better reading your post, you may rephrase your post.
I am not fully understand what's really is really not working right.

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