Friday, April 29, 2011

[android-developers] Re: URLConnection & Verizon 3G

On Apr 29, 8:18 am, lloyd1949 <> wrote:

> First I discovered that this does not work in the emulator and that is
> fine. I accept that.
> On an actual test device (Motorola Droid), it works perfectly fine but
> only when the device is connected via WiFi.
> It just does not work over the Verizon 3G Network. Yes, when the WiFi
> is disabled or I am away from the WiFi access point I can indeeed
> browse the web etc. However my routine does not work over the Verizon
> 3G Network.

You should check is if you can access the server at all via the 3G
network or from within the emulator.

For example, try accessing a page there from the web browser on the
device. Or try command line networking tools from the adb shell.

Your server is a real one, on the public internet, not some test
installation hiding behind a firewall, right? If unsure, email a
friend a link to a page on it, and make sure they can access that from
their pc.

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