Monday, April 30, 2012

[android-developers] Re: Bluetooth devices is pairing but not connecting

electronic frame is supporting bluetooth. So do you know for example
how to send file any program giving error therefore uuid

On Apr 30, 8:56 pm, "Jason Teagle" <> wrote:
> >So i will use it send piture to electronic frame any ideas :S
> That may not be possible. From what I have seen through Googling, the target
> device needs to have
> "File Transfer Profile" (OBEX FTP) and/or the "Object Push Profile" (OBEX
> OPP) Bluetooth services
> enabled. For a phone, this may be possible - but assuming you mean some
> non-phone device (Android or otherwise), it's unlikely that they would
> support something like that unless they are specifically *designed* to
> support Bluetooth transfer of files.

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