Monday, April 30, 2012

[android-developers] Re: Debugging code that cause's a hardware restart of the phone :?

On Apr 30, 11:34 am, ThomasWrobel <> wrote:
> I also use the JPCT 3D library in my app, as well as using the camera
> preview as a background, so the app is pretty heavy overall.

My first hunch would be issues in the platform openGL implementation
that probably uses.

It would be worth doing some web searching on the phone model - it's
possible others have found the same issue.

Also you may want to figure out if you are getting a kernel reboot, or
an android runtime framework crash & restart while the kernel
continues running. Once you get adb working, look in /proc/uptime
shortly after a crash - if it's a low number of seconds, your kernel
rebooted, if it's a high number likely just the framework crashed and
restarted. (You'll probably also see a bootloader splash screen after
a power-on or kernel reboot, before the more lengthy startup animation
that runs while the android runtime framework gets itself going.)

It goes without saying, that if the platform is working as intended,
there is nothing an app can do to cause a reboot, so the fact that it
is happening means something is broken with the device/android build.

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