Monday, April 30, 2012

Re: [android-developers] Re: Strange force close on Froyo phone, works fine on ICS tablet

>I tried lots of modes, including SRC_OVER. Imagine the following two
>filters: the first is a solid color blue filter; the second is a fog
>filter (graduated, upwards from the bottom)[1]. Every other method I
>tried did some combination of showing only one filter or the other
>where they overlapped, or where they did NOT overlap. That is *NOT*
>correct. ADD shows both, where they overlap and where they don't.

Sorry to be persistent... but according to the image in that link I gave
SRC_OVER should show everything - the portion of the source outside of the
overlap, the portion of the destination outside of the overlap, and the
overlap area blended.

Could you perhaps show us a similar set of images for all modes available,
but using your sample filters, so we can see how it differs?

Also, that article mentions a possible bug with hardware acceleration:

Hopefully that is not the cause of your woes?

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