Tuesday, July 31, 2012

[android-developers] Android instant messaging.

Android does not have an equivalent of BBM.
If it did, thousands of users would make the switch including myself! And it would make Android that much cooler.

BB's instant messaging feature is so effective that it is possibly the only feature that will stop users from switching to a different phone.
Apple hasn't even hit the mark on instant messaging.

Tools like Whatsapp etc are great, but I believe that implementing a functional instant messaging application into Android devices, will be one of the greatest innovations yet.
To be more succinct, I am asking Android to develop an effective instant messaging tool. - in my opinion, it would add value to Android devices.

So please do it Android! There is nothing to loose, but so much to gain from this simple idea.

Sorry, I had no other way of getting my point across. Please don't disregard this message. 

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