Tuesday, July 31, 2012

[android-developers] convert dll to so and include into android project

Hello developers ! 

 I have a huge problem, and I don`t get over it, so please if you are able give me some help.:
we have a microcontroller library in c# which has been converted out into a DLL file. It is okay, and nice. I have to write an Android "remote controller" applicaiton for the microcontroller, so I have to include the DLL into my Eclipse project, to be able call functions in it. It is not possible ( i was not able to do :) ) so I`m trying to convert the dll by the android NDK, because it is product and .so file. 

My first question is it a good way ?

After i have an so file, I woud like to include in to my Eclipse project, but I was not able to do it :( 

Is anyone have any idea, or do you know any solution ? 
Thank you so much, 

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