Thursday, January 31, 2013

Re: [android-developers] Re: GooglePlay changes their payout schedule to 15 days after the end of the month!

I agree that
It doesn't benefit anyone but Google. I feel sorry for those who have to write the message to make it sound like it benefits us.
We will all have adjusted within 90 days.

I *hope* this is an inconvenience for more people, though not in a bad way.
Two years ago when they were about to stop paying every day, I mentioned it here and it was largely dismissed as pocket change.
That was a bigger transition then what is happening now.

If no one still cares, it must be that everyone here works for someone else and/or the monthly amount is still pocket change.
I'd like to think that some of us small guys are doing better now, at least enough to care.

For me, it wasn't pocket change then and is even less so now. I have people to pay and expenses to flow out whether the money comes on time or not. I will make short term changes and I will get through it. And I don't have a choice anyway.
>It all depends when your bills are due or if you are capable of managing your finances.
Those things together, yes.

I'm certainly not going to boast in my ability to manage the finances. I'll confess that sometimes, the money has come in on the second just in time to stop the account from being completely drained from outflows. I guess you can call that efficiency if you are being charitable.
You've got dynamic and fixed costs that aren't always fixed, revenue that is not predictable, the IRS that owes me a refund, no they want quarterly payments, no they want it monthly, partnerships that require upfront investments, my bank that gets bought up by another bank, cutting off online access temporarily while I'm locked in jury duty for two weeks, and all the usual stuff. It certainly allows me to be challenged and grow versus the old boring life with a steady paycheck.


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