Thursday, April 29, 2010

[android-developers] IllegalStateException


i have a custom view with BaseAdapter which list all my mp3 files in
SD card
it works great but the getCount have a problem if i want return the
size of my song list
indeed , i have a illegalStateException : "content of the adapter has
changed but ListView did not receive a notification....." It works
great if i choose another int number but i must have the size of my
song list

how can i fix this ?
thank you a lot for your help

public int getCount() {

Log.v(TAG, "count " + count);
return updateSongList();

public int updateSongList(){

File home=new File(MEDIA_PATH);
int positionCourante = 0;

if(home.listFiles(new test()).length >0){

for (File file:home.listFiles(new test())){

Log.v(TAG, "liste " + songs.get(songs.size()-1));





return positionCourante;

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