Friday, April 30, 2010

[android-developers] Re: Not calling OnStop when an incoming call is received

Just to emphasize Mark's point: Thousands of people have downloaded my
app to *prevent* accidental changes to volume controls, primarily the
ringer volume.

And many thousands more have downloaded quite a number of other
applications that also perform this function.

Can you imagine the comment that will be left when one of your users
realizes that the reason he missed the call with the new job, the big
contract, or that he needs to pick up the kids, is that your app
turned off his ringer -- days ago?

More business for me, but the goal is to make the phone work BETTER
for the user.

On Apr 30, 3:44 am, Mark Murphy <> wrote:
> Ned Fox wrote:
> > I have an application that is silencing the ringer while it is open,
> > then when it closes it unsilences it. Currently I am doing these two
> > things in OnStart and OnStop. The only problem (and it's a big one) is
> > that when a phone call comes in, it stops my application (calling
> > OnStop), then rings at its normal volume.
> I would think this is a good thing, at least from the user's standpoint.
> > Is there any way to get around this?
> Around what?
> Your activity is going to be stopped, because it is losing the
> foreground. That will be true if a call comes in, or the user presses
> HOME, or the user presses BACK, or the user slides down the notification
> drawer, or...
> > I tried using onCreate and
> > onDestroy, but I want to restore the original volume setting as soon
> > as the program is closed, which onDestroy doesn't seem to do.
> While this should work, I seriously question whether it is the right
> thing by users. What you are saying is that you want total control over
> their ringer volume for an indeterminate period of time. After all, if
> they press HOME, they may not come back to your activity for *weeks*,
> yet it might hang out in memory that long, if the user has a device with
> a lot of RAM and doesn't use a lot of apps.
> What gives you the right to say their phone shouldn't ring for weeks?

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