Thursday, April 29, 2010

[android-developers] Maximum Number of Multitouch Events

I am attempting to write an application which will require the user to
press, at maximum, four "buttons" (ie regions of the screen) at any
one time. I have been looking at the multitouch capabilities of the
SDK versions > 5, the MotionEvent.getPointerCount() appears to return
the number of presses detected on the screen. *What is the maximum
number of presses this function will ever return?*

I went digging through the android source code for the MotionEvent
class, and couldn't deduce anything from that, I am wondering if the
maximum number of presses is heavily hardware dependent? I modified
the MultiTouchVis code by Robert Green (from Battery Powered Games) to
report the number of presses reported by MotionEvent.getPointerCount()
each frame and on my Milestone it consistently reports a maximum of 2
presses. Is this a hardware thing, or does the sdk limit it to 2

Is there any way to register more than 2 presses at a time? I'm making
a musical application and would like the user, for example, to be able
to play chords by pressing multiple keys at any one time.



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