Sunday, July 31, 2011

[android-developers] Help: My App came copied / reproduced !!!

Dear Colleges in Developing.

I am the Developer from the app:

"My Days - Period & Ovulation"
Christian Albert Mueller
(3 Years in the Android Market)

Today I had to find out that many of
my creative work came copied by:

"My Days (Period & Ovulation)
Health Team
desirmpokty @

First I thought its just the similar Name
that I don't like. but at near investigation I had to found out
he copied 90% from my "About" Page in his app.
You will find even more similar functions he just took 1:1.
You can compare yourself while downloading both apps.

I am sure you are not interested to support such creativity theft 
and don't like similar happen to you

Please compare BOTH apps yourself and than make your comment! 
Especially check the ABOUT page (press MENU) on both apps.

Should u like to talk to that copycat developer himself your opinion, you are free to do so.
Thats his only contact i found:  desirmpokty @  . He does not offer even a 
support page in the market for his app.

As I know you don't have to do anything, I would appreciate any of your activities
from a serious developer to another.

Such people, who only copy/paste other devs work should not benefit from that.

Finest Regards and wish you all the best

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