Sunday, July 31, 2011

[android-developers] Re: 2D Live Wallpaper Tutorial

You can use the sample from the SDK.
Yes, it's a cube which is 3D, but it's actually using the ordinary 2D
graphics features of Android (
), so it's probably a good start for
what you want to do.

On 29 Juli, 03:32, "Dr. House" <> wrote:
> I've seen plenty of examples of how to do a 3D Live Wallpaper but
> nothing for 2D.
> I used to create and code 2D video game fighting stages. I would like
> to make them into Live Wallpapers.
> I'm very new, minimal understanding so far.
> I have all the images created, now I need to know how to implement
> them.
> I would greatly appreciate any help or direction toward an example or
> tutorial.

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