Sunday, July 31, 2011

[android-developers] New LWP issue: prefs code gone, preview still shows PREFERNCES

I removed the force-close causing preference code from my AndEngine-based
live wallpaper, but the LWP Preview is still inviting the user (me, for
now) to change the settings via "PREFERENCES".... Of course, any attempt
to do so results in an immediate force-close, since there isn't any code
for that....

Does anyone know what could be causing that? I've gone through all XML,
all Java, and even removed all commented code that had anything to do with
prefs.... I did some fgreps (using Zsh) from the top of the build path to

fgrep -i prefs **/*.xml **/*.java
fgrep -i preferences **/*.xml **/*.java
fgrep -i settings **/*.xml **/*.java

No matches found for any of these.

I deinstalled and reinstalled from my device to make sure some shared
prefs hadn't been initialized that were causing change. Then
I remembered that before I even added the prefs code, it still showed
then, too.

I don't like the idea of someone buying my little $0.99 app and getting
a force-close when they try to access preferences that aren't there....
Not good. Definitely not good.



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