Wednesday, August 31, 2011

[android-developers] Android UI components/widgets library

Introducing DroidUX, the first Android UI components/widgets library.

DroidUX is the first professional UI/UX component library for
Android. DroidUX helps you build high quality and beautiful user
interface fast and easy. Building UI conforming to the Android design
pattern is just a snap. In few lines of code you will have your
application up and running with the Action Bar, Dashboard, and Quick
Actions widgets. To deliver more exciting and high end user
experience, you can use the GalleryFlow, Wheel, Editor, and other
widgets that are designed and implemented with high quality codes for
beauty and performance.

Using DroidUX widgets is no different than the stock widgets. You can
use them via xml layout or use it programmatically with your codes.
The difference is that using DroidUX component library, your complex
UI becomes so simple to implement. You don't need to reinvent the
wheel. We do the dirty things, you just plug them into your apps, and
boost the usability and performance of your apps, making your apps
stand above the fray.

Take your app to the next level. Deliver high end mobile experience
using the DroidUX(tm) UI/UX component library.

To see the DroidUX widgets in action, download the DroidUX API Demo
app in Android Market at

To download the FREE trial packs, please visit our website at

Happy developing !!!

DroidUX DevTeam

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