Tuesday, August 30, 2011

[android-developers] Re: G1

I think you need to call T-Mobile and talk to their customer support.
You are asking questions that are not relevant to general Android

By the way, have you tried loading Windows 7 on an old 486 with 16 MB
of memory? That's what it's like trying to run Android 2.3 on a G1.
The hardware is obsolete; the software requirements quickly outpace
old hardware. Welcome to the wold of fast-paced mobile development.


On Aug 27, 11:20 am, bob <robertm.taylo...@gmail.com> wrote:
> i have a G1,and the sim was put in the 1.5 mb200 cliq,i had activation
> until 04/10/2009,when the price of two cliq's hit at 975.00,for my
> bill.but the point is the G1 with wifi will not let me past the sign
> in screen ,even though i have an active google account,so what is up
> with that? also the mb200 is outdated before it has a chance to
> upgrade,why?if u have an android phone,it should be able to run any
> android programs,and not have to buy a new version like
> 1.6,2.0,2.2,2.3,3.0
> it should be able to run what android puts out,not just one phone for
> this version,and oops,buy another phone for this version,and dam,got
> to get another phone for this version,to me all phone makers,and
> developers r money hungry,and u can bet that ur phones run them
> all,without buying a new one...if u have a 1.5 cupcake,u cant get
> 3d,or play the games for the 2.0,,2.2,,or the 3.0,,so my challenge to
> u is,let all android phones do the same no matter what the platform
> is,,but u cant do that can u,its all about the almighty dollar...u
> might consider making a phone that is strictly sattilite ,as the
> economy falls,so does the almighty dollar,then u will be stuck with a
> pile of droids ,domino droid well thats my input on the market,and the
> lack of vision on one platform..i bet the 3.0 can do all the things
> the G1,and 1.5 mb200 can do huh?

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