Wednesday, August 31, 2011

[android-developers] two icons for the same app

I have an application that I "install" via the Eclipse IDE toolbar
icon "run". My phone shows two icons for this app.
(only one icon until recently) The icons look identical but the name
is long and I cannot see the end of either icon labels. Even if I
uninstall the app via Settings > Applications > Manage Applications,
the next time I run it from Eclipse, the two icons are both there
again. The app is only listed one time under Manage Applications. The
first time I noticed the second icon was after I included a second
activity that displays a WebView. Everything seems to work OK. I can
launch the second activity and close it just fine.

Why do I have two icons? (I did not include code because I do not know
which code might be relevant.)

Thanks, John Brown

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