Friday, September 30, 2011

[android-developers] Bizarre jump in ratings/comments - just me?

Today I noticed one of my apps (and only one) got a strange jump in ratings.  Approximately +124 four star ratings and +124 comments (but there are no comments to go with this, in the console) - this actually brings the average rating of the app down half a star...  This is highly unusual as before this the app only had 57 ratings with ~18k total installs, 7k active, which follows the typical rating per user percentages I've seen with my other apps.  This is a live wallpaper, a free version.  The live wallpaper space seems pretty polluted right now with people stealing art from deviantart and other places and just putting tons and tons of them in the market, with useless updates to keep showing up in "just in," on older markets.  I'm not paranoid about it, but there's definitely people out there trying to game the system, and of course the market glitches we've all seen.  I do see one comment that appeared earlier today, that references a wallpaper other than mine, which confused me, before this happened.

Has anyone else seen this?  I don't really know of anywhere else to report this (other than the typical /dev/null), other than just throwing it out there that something strange happened and seeing who else experienced it!

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