Saturday, June 30, 2012

[android-developers] GL10 access from outside of the rendering thread ...


I am optimizing an OpenGL-based application ported from that other
major mobile OS and find that I cannot successfully access the GL
context from anything other than the rendering thread of
GLSurfaceView. What I CAN do on other platforms is upload my single
(and large) texture to GL prior to needing to render the texture
itself. This is a 640x480 8-bit RGB texture that takes some time to
upload to the chip and needs to be done every time I realize a new
frame of animation from the background system memory buffer. I'm sure
you can appreciate the savings in execution time if I can perform this
upload from another thread when I have nothing left to do but wait for
GLSurfaceView's rendering thread to call me. All is synchronized
safely as evidenced by the successful release of this software using
this very same technique on that-other-platform-that-shall-not-be
named. Things are very smooth and zippy on that platform, but Android
currently suffers by comparison. Is there any way to do this?



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