Saturday, June 30, 2012

[android-developers] Re: NFC Secure Element


So is possible that the phone ( I have Galaxy S III) acts like a Mifare card and with him I can comunicat with the infraestructure of NFC of one office to use the phone to open dors ?

I'm trying to develop this applicacion for the University but I'm not sure that the comunicacion with this element could be correctly.

Can you help me?

El martes, 7 de diciembre de 2010 12:42:29 UTC+1, Dominik escribió:
Hi everyone,

Do I see it right, that the Android 2.3 NFC API does not provide functionality to access a secure element? A secure element is a smartcard connected to the NFC controller, i.e. a secure storage in the device, either embedded in the mobile phone, on the SIM card or on a SD card.

With JavaME access to the secure element was provided with JSR177 which supported the communication with smart card applications usind APDU commands. I have not seen comparable functionality in package android.nfc.

Thanks for any hints

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