Sunday, August 1, 2010

[android-developers] Re: Android preprocessor, //#ifdef...

My background is C and C++ ... 25 years and no longer counting :)

So I had some ingrained expectations when I started learning Java;
amongst them was the expectation that the Java language would support
conditional compliation.

I have had to learn to live without conditional compliation. The only
area where I really miss having a lanugage constuct like "#ifdef" is
when I need to remove instrumentation and/or debugging code. I now
write less of this type of code and try to remember to mark what I do
wite with a "remove me" comment, which gets picked up by the Eclipse
to-do list. I then remove it during my pre-QA code review.

I have yet to feel the need to use conditional compilation to deal
with the often quoted "platform fragmentation" as the differences in
the platforms mostly impacts the amout of time I spend testing and I
have yet to write ANY code that differs by supported hardware. Using
the resource qualifiers has been all I have needed to do so far.

I still don't like some aspects of the Java language (don't get me
started on GC based languages) but Android is much more than just a
language and writing off a complete platform for one feature you
consider missing is very strange position to take.

On Jul 31, 11:09 pm, sblantipodi <> wrote:
> I'm sorry for my rude and really not too much kind speaking,
> but I can't belive that android doesn't support preprocessor.
> I can't think on mobile programming without preprocessor, too many
> different configurations,
> think only to LVL and android market and preprocessor could be
> useful...
> Ok we can live without it, but codes becomes really unelegant...
> Sincerely I really don't like the non preprocessor way but
> unfortunantly,
> masses told that android is good and I need to develop on it :)
> On Jul 31, 10:58 pm, TreKing <> wrote:
> > On Sat, Jul 31, 2010 at 3:00 PM, sblantipodi
> > <>wrote:
> > > How can you develop on a mobile without preprocessing?
> > Quite easily, actually.
> > > Sure android is really good for fart app, but what else?
> > Is this is a serious question? Have you browsed through the Android Market
> > (as painful as that is)? There's a lot more out there than "fart apps".
> > > I don't want to troll but I really can't understand why I heard
> > > many developers saying "viva android" when google released the first buggy
> > > SDK.
> > Probably simply because it's an alternative to iPhone.
> > Now, someone with your experience developing for so many devices can surely
> > adapt to not having a preprocessor. It's good for many things but definitely
> > not a necessity and will certainly not cripple you when making an Android
> > App.
> > If you're personally that attached to having a preprocessor, no one is
> > forcing you to develop on Android.
> > Good luck.
> > -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> > TreKing <> - Chicago
> > transit tracking app for Android-powered devices

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