Thursday, July 29, 2010

[android-developers] Re: Android Socket Communication

Thanks Stephan for the information.

On Jul 20, 9:37 am, stephan <> wrote:
> First question: Generally you could distinguish the applications by
> using different port numbers of each end of the communication.
> BUT: Whouldn't it be better to use the Android inter-process
> communication like Serializable objects and intents?
> Second question: Implemet a service in one of the appllications. The
> service will be available even if any UI activity is in the
> backgground.
> BUT: you have to take care that the system knows that the service is
> still in use / not in use any more...
> On 19 Jul., 19:50, Arjun <> wrote:
> > Please clarify me on the following issues.
> > How to assign a IP address to the emulator ?  I have two application
> > packages which communicate through sockets. Apk1 implements a server
> > socket and apk2 listens to the server content and read the responses.
> > How can I run two different apk's simultaneously so that android does
> > not kill any one of those app's ?
> > Thanks,
> > Arjun.

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