Saturday, July 31, 2010

[android-developers] Re: Using a new generated Keystone for existing app. Any possible outcomes?

Oops never mind :( You can't do that...

"Application upgrade – As you release updates to your application, you
will want to continue to sign the updates with the same certificate or
set of certificates, if you want users to upgrade seamlessly to the
new version. When the system is installing an update to an
application, it compares the certificate(s) in the new version with
those in the existing version. If the certificates match exactly,
including both the certificate data and order, then the system allows
the update. If you sign the new version without using matching
certificates, you will also need to assign a different package name to
the application — in this case, the user installs the new version as a
completely new application."

On Jul 31, 6:26 pm, Moto <> wrote:
> keystone = keystore :P
> On Jul 31, 6:24 pm, Moto <> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I currently have my application signed using a keystone key I
> > generated.  Could I use a new keystone to sign my application for the
> > next update?
> > Any issues that could arise if I use a different keystone?
> > Thanks!
> > -Moto

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