Saturday, July 31, 2010

[android-developers] Re: How to cite/reference free images

thanks for the tips. As I told you its my first time publishing a app.
Can anyone please have a look at this image and let me know what I
must write in my about page.Is it ok? if I just provide this link in
my about section
or I must specify any license information. I am using it when ever I
want to alert the user.

Thank you,

On Jul 31, 5:22 pm, Streets Of Boston <> wrote:
> One possibility is to have an 'About' screen, reachable from your menu
> or from your settings/preferences activity. Put the references/
> citations in the About screen.
> On Jul 31, 3:39 pm, AUandroid <> wrote:
> > Hi All,
> > I am about to release my first app on the market for free. How should
> > I reference or give citations to images I have used in my app. I have
> > used two images which are free images available at
> > thanks,
> > -vk

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