Thursday, July 29, 2010

[android-developers] Windows unable to recognize the HTC evo device


Android phone: HTC Sprint EVO 4g
Connected to PC by USB cable
Last update of android sdk : very recent (today). up to date updates

On command line if I type adb devices:
adb devices
it shows "List of devices empty".

Did the following resolutions but nothing worked.

Cleared the windows registers under devices/controls
Cleared driver from system32

Tried to reinstall the driver again, It shows the following message on
the screen
"Cannot Install the hardware because wizard cannot find the necessary

I specified the windows USB driver directory manually..It shows the
same message again.

Checked the contents of the <sdk> usb directory..i can see one. inf
file and two .cat files

So, please suggest me what to do to fix this. I have spent my whole
day and frustrated.

Why simple things are so complex on android.

Please help me with suggestions.


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