Thursday, June 30, 2011

[android-developers] Multiple MapViews and MapActivities

How can you make two MapViews work independently of each other in the
same application?

We have a tablet app with a lot of room for a large UI. In this case
we have a Fragment in an Activity derived from MapActivity where we
show a kind of thumbnail MapView in one corner. Secondly we have a
popup derived from MapActivity (a dialog basically) that has a larger
MapView of a different location. So you can still see the first
thumbnail MapView in the obscured area behind the dialog with the
second map.

But when the second MapView pops-up in the foreground, the first
MapView in the background suddenly changes to show part of the second
map. Then when you exit the popup and the second map goes away the
first map is still showing part of the second map instead of what it
was originally showing.

There is a post about this from several years ago (probably there are
others), but just checking to see if there is anything more recent in
terms of how to make two MapViews work independently of each other in
the same application.

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