Thursday, June 30, 2011

[android-developers] Screen sizes and precise element placement.

I have a problem with supporting different screen sizes. My
application has different drawables for mdpi (320x480), hdpi (480x800)
or ldpi (240x432). I also have different layout for small, normal-
notlong, normal-long. Every size scaling or placement features are
done in dp. However my problem is that I need to precisely place an
element on the screen so it will perfectly fit to the background. One
example here is an image that I download and show inside a frame that
is part of the background. Or I also draw a circle (using drawArc) on
the top of an imageview object and need to place it precisely to fit a
'black hole' that is on that image. Because the position is dependent
on the background I place the elements with parent margins. As I wrote
I am using dp for that. However If I fit my setting for a 320x480 3"
screen and then change to 3.1" the elements are slightly misplaced and
don't fit the background. The same if I have 480x800 3.5" device but
change to 3.6" - the elements are misplaced slightly but that is
enaught to look poorly in the design. What can I do about it? I am
sure there has to be a way to achieve this on any screen size - i.e.
games must use some kind of that mechanism and they work on any screen
size. Can any one help?

PS: I have read the 'Supporting Multiple Screens' article from, so please don't paste the link. I tried to read it
carefully but if you think I must have missed sth. than feel free to
point out where is the answer to my problem on that site.

PS: I have also another question that is a little bit connected: how
to distinguish 480x800 and 480x854, or 240x400 and 240x432 to provide
different drawables for them?

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