Thursday, June 30, 2011

[id-android] Re: Wti :Move Every App to Your SD Card With Force2SD

Duh, needs root :|

On Jun 30, 4:52 pm, Defriando Riza <> wrote:
> Monggo dicoba...hrs rooted yaa..
> Our devs have come up with very innovative ways of dealing with internal
> storage issues in Android. The most prevalent one always involves dealing
> with certain apps that just sit in our devices for no apparent reason,
> whether it is bloatware preinstalled by carriers or manufacturers or simply
> apps that we install that are just too large. One solution is to move these
> apps to the external storage. The problem is that there are apps that cannot
> be moved. Thanks to XDA member
> arpruss<>,
> people using Froyo have just gained the ability to move all of them thanks
> to Force2SD. The app is freely available but must be downloaded from the
> thread as it is not in the market yet. Lastly, the device must be rooted for
> the app to work.

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