Thursday, June 30, 2011

[android-developers] Re: Alternative to radio buttons?

I have this situation quite often, and simply stick to three
ImageButtons. It means you need pressed and static states for each
button, controlled by an xml selector as the drawable, and of course
you have to manage the states yourself, i.e. set the pressed button as
'pressed' and the other two as static.

If you go down this route, manage the states in a runnable which fires
about 100millis after the press, so that the default button 'up'
action doesn't undo your work.

On Jun 30, 6:07 pm, nadam <> wrote:
> Is there any obvious Android alternative to iPhone toggles like this
> (DHCP/BootP/Static)?
> Need it on the top of a listview to let the user choose how the list
> is sorted. Placing three radiobuttons side by side doesn't look good
> and possibly would be too wide on small screens. Have tried Android's
> toggle buttons too, but hope there is something better around.

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